What a wonderful facility. The dogs came home happy and healthy with smiles on their faces. Many thanks to Ange and Steve for their fantastic care. Definitely highly recommend

Eddie Blanks

A home away from home for our dogs. Ange and Steve are absolutely incredible. If you want peace of mind and someone who will love your pets the same as you do (if not more) then this is the place.

Taryn Wyatt

Unbelievable service by Steve & Angelina at Beds for Tails. We could completely relax on our holiday knowing Teddy was completely safe, playing with his new mates and being very well looked after.

Steven Rava

We cannot recommend Beds for Tails highly enough. If we have to leave our dogs at all we will only leave them here.

Erin Kelsall

Although I live quite a distance away, I would not contemplate Charlie staying anywhere else. I feel comforted knowing he truly cared for by Ange and Steve.

Jenny Lutz

From one over-protective mum to the next, if you any apprehension about leaving your precious ones at a kennel, come here! Angelina and Steve will mother your babies like their own. They will walk, brush, cuddle and nurture them and even find them an appropriate playmate to ensure their time there is the best fun ever.

Sylvia Teeken

First thing I do when planning a holiday, is to make sure Ange and Steve are available, If I canโ€™t leave my dog with them, I wonโ€™t go on holidays. Casper jumps out of the car and runs inside when we arrive for his stay. He comes home looking gorgeous and cuddly and with his own doggy bag of treats. Thanks again for taking good care of him while we were away

Pippa Hanson

When our dog see Steve at the door with his van door open, she runs to him and jumps in the van without any hesitation! That is testimony in its self and we can, without reservation, recommend Beds for Tails for the highest standard of care for pets.

Vicki McGeoch

If I was a dog, I'd want my owners to leave me at Beds For Tailsโ€ฆ

Paul Germano

We love everything thing about Bed for Tails Pet Resort. My lovelies are happy and well cared for. It makes every holiday more enjoyable, knowing they are being treated so wonderfully.

Janine Rigby